Metal-Fach Z529 Bale wrapper self loading

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8.900 EUR
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Marca / modeloMetal-Fach Z529 Bale wrapper self loading
Año de fabricación2019
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Ubicación59-900 Zgorzelec
Mascus ID7D8F8987
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Precio sin IVA8.900 EUR
IVA (23%)2.047 EUR
Precio con IVA10.947 EUR
Configuración de transmisiónMontado
País de fabricaciónPolonia
Más informaciónNew self loading bale wrapper Z529 direct from Distributor.

Model Metal Fach Z529

Warranty UE & CE certificate.


Bale wrapper Z529 is a machine suspended on a frontal or rear tractor TUZ hitch. It features bottom loading, which is completely automatic and is performed by special wrapping arms equipped with cylinders that rotate the bale. Wrapping process is performed automatically by a mechanical arm that rotates around the bale with a fixed roll feeder, which wraps bales rotating on the cylinders in layers of film. When wrapping is finished, the film is gripped and cut automatically by a hydraulic cutting device. After confirming with a push of a button, the bale is offloaded to the ground by parting of the cylinder equipped arms. The machine allows bales with 1200-1500mm diameter to be wrapped.

Tech details:

Type Z529

Bale characteristics
1 Wrapped bale diameter [mm] 1200-1500
2 Length of wrapped bales: 1200
3 Maximum bale mass [kg] 1000
4 Bale wrapping time [min] about 2
5 Film width [mm] 750

Machine characteristics
6 Number of wrapping module rotations (bale Ø1200 mm) [rotation] 16
7 Loading mode automatic with the help of wrapping arms
8 Offloading mode automatic with the help of wrapping arms
9 Machine drive Hydraulic

Overall dimensions
10 Length [mm] 2220
11 Width [mm] 1420
12 Height [mm] 2650

Tractor requirements
13 Tractor coupling mode suspension
14 Connecting with the tractor: TUZ three-point hitch
15 Tractor output [kW] about 60
16 Suggested tractor pump efficiency 26
17 Required power hydraulic pressure [MPa] 14
18 Maximum transport speed [km/h] 15

19 Weight 780

Electrical installation
20 Machine lighting According to traffic rules
21 Electric installation voltage [V] 12

Additional equipment
22 Automatic film cutter -standard
23 Film roll feeder -standard
24 Wrapping counter - standard
25 Hydraulic bale positioning device - option + 250 €

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A la venta en envolvedoras: Metal-Fach Z529 Bale wrapper self loading por un precio de 8.900 €. Año de fabricación, 2019; se puede encontrar en 59-900 Zgorzelec (Polonia). En puedes buscar muchos más modelos de envolvedoras. Detalles - Configuración de transmisión: Montado, País de fabricación: Polonia