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Descripción de Empresa

The newly forms Astec Mobil Machinery GmbH, Hameln Germany, a part of the Astec Industries Inc., Chattanooga USA, is the sales and service for the groups mobile machinery program in Europe.
Astec Mobile Machinery offers the extensive Roadtec Inc. line of pavers and screeds, that are the most reliable and maintenance-free pavers in the industry. They are simply designed and well balanced for maximum tractive effort and can be equipped with a variety of screeds, all with electric heat as standard equipment. Access to major components is unmatched by competitive brand machines. Roadtec was the first manufacturer in the industry to install an FXS™ fume extraction system as standard equipment on all of Astec Mobile Machinery’s pavers and Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicles. Astec Mobile Machinery’s new Comfort Drive™ operator system embodies the latest in ergonomic design, provides greater visibility, fingertip controls and is also standard equipment. Pavers are available in rubber-tired, track or rubber-track models and come in either 8- or 10-foot paving widths. We also manufacture the patented Stealth™ gravity-fed paver which eliminates the need for hopper wings, conveyors and tandem front bogies.
Our cold planers provide the optimum balance between horsepower, production and maneuverability. Track models can be equipped with a bi-directional feature (some come standard) to achieve down cutting with rear discharge of material. Hydraulically-raisable engine hoods allow easy access to the engine compartment which is heavily insulated for superior noise reduction. Variable width cutters and attachments for side cutting, available on some models, make Roadtec cold planers the most versatile milling machines available.

Astec Mobile Machinery offers the latest in pavement placement technology available worldwide with its Shuttle Buggy® material transfer and silo vehicles. These machines are self-propelled transfer devices with unique anti-segregation systems that remix asphalt material to produce a consistent size and temperature.

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