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Bumer Makina, established in 1998 on the principle of customer satisfaction and building its entire infrastructure in this direction, serves our country and the world on-board equipment market by blending traditional values ​​with today's technology.
Our firm, which strengthens its experienced team with its dynamic and young new staff, has TSE and CE quality certificates in all its equipments. Our company, which provides superstructure services to major vehicle manufacturers, is a leading supplier of provincial and district municipalities in our country. Our company is one of the companies with the largest product range in our country with over 20 types of on-board equipment.

Firmamız, Buca Industrial Site in the first time together with 5 people Ekipiple fire trucks repair and repair of garbage vehicles in the municipalities in İzmir have entered the sector. In 2005, he started production of on-board equipment with technical team expansion. At this point, due to the increasing workload and the fact that the existing workshop did not remove the capacity, a new workshop of 1000 square meters was made and service and production activities continued here. Bumer Makina continued to grow in line with the demands and demands of the sector and continued its production activities in 2009 by switching to the plant it established in Torbalı. The workshop in Buca serves as a service only from that day. When the established 4000 square meter factory began to fail to respond to the increasing demand, the production line was moved to the new plant of 10,000 square meters in 2014.

As Bumer Machine we are proud to serve you with more than 20 different products and more than 70 staff today.

All work done by our employees, suppliers and sales representatives is part of the process of providing quality products and services to our customers. Each of our employees contributes to our quality policy by devoting ourselves to this task in this process.

Our company has adopted and continues to use our energy resources at the highest possible level in order to keep our customers safe by means of after-sales support and service, to keep up with the legal regulations and obligations, not to be ahead of the times with continuous innovation and research.

Our 1500 square meter car service in İzmir Buca Industrial Site is not only limited to our production vehicles but also it has a mission to close the service opening of our city and region of the vehicles. Our company, which provides spare parts and service in and out of the country with its expert team, can intervene with spare parts within 48 hours to any vehicle malfunctions in the world.

Every product is supplied with spare parts guide and our company is committed to spare parts supply for at least 10 years.

All of our products produced with the Bumer Machine brand are guaranteed for 2 years against all possible problems outside the user error.

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