Tile Cutter CIMEX HTC730PRO

Precio sin IVA
141 EUR
Precio sin IVA
141 EUR
Grupo de productosOtros equipamientos de construcción
Marca / modeloTile Cutter CIMEX HTC730PRO
Año de fabricación2019
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Mascus ID11FC9ECB
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Precio sin IVA141 EUR
IVA (20%)28 EUR
Precio con IVA170 EUR
Estado general (de 1 a 5)
Tipo de carroceríaChasis fijo
Dimensiones de transporte (LaxAnxAl)1000 x 270 x 210
Más informaciónThe CIMEX HTC730PRO tile cutter is designed for flawless cutting of terracotta, faience and granite. Easy to use and compact - the manual tile cutter will perfectly shape any tile of your choosing. It is mostly made out of aluminium making it one of the lightest tile cutters on the market (just 4.8 kg). It's suitable for tiles with a thickness up to 16 mm. The board is made out of a single piece moulded aluminium cover with porous polyurethane - this way when a tile is placed for cutting it will remain at that exact spot during the process. The tile cutter has a built-in adjustable linear with fixed-angle screws that will give you the ability to cut at angles between 0 and 60°. Also, there is a ruler with big easily seen numbers. At the pressure zone where the tiles break a reinforced steel plate has been added. There are additional aluminium alloy foldable arms for wider tiles. Another additional feature of the CIMEX HTC730PRO tile cutter is the limiter on the handlebar that will make cutting faster and more accurate.


• Cutting angle: 0-60°
• Guiding linear
• Cutting roller make out of tungsten carbide
• Maximum tile thickness: 16 mm
• Bearing slider - 4 bearings
• Bearing handlebar
• Working area: 730 mm
• Aluminium foldable hands: 2x30 cm
• Rubber handlebar

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A la venta en construcciones: [Other] Tile Cutter CIMEX HTC730PRO por un precio de 141 €. Año de fabricación, 2019; se puede encontrar en Sofia (Bulgaria). En Mascus.es puedes buscar muchos más modelos de construcciones. Detalles - Estado general (de 1 a 5): 5, Tipo de carrocería: Chasis fijo, Dimensiones de transporte (LaxAnxAl): 1000 x 270 x 210 mm